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Technology Leader

Through innovative technology and smart engineering Juganu has brought to market the JLED lighting products, proving unmatched energy efficiency and long lasting lighting quality, at a competitive price. Juganu’s products are deployed worldwide for a variety of professional JLED lighting implementations such as streets and roads, gas stations, retail, office space and industrial plants. JLED lighting systems are highly adaptable to unique and complex lighting environments. JLED lighting provide unmatched savings in energy consumption and in maintenance costs. JLED lighting systems create bright and delightful experiences, improve quality of life, and build a sustainable future for people and cities around the world.

Area of Technical Expertise


Mechanical Design

Thermal Design

Optical Design

Lighting Design

Industrial Design


Board Design

High Power Electronics

Firmware & Software Design

Cloud Software Design

RF & MW Antenna




Firmware & Software Design

Juganu Technology

JLED Modular & Upgradable Lighting

Field tested 80% – 85% energy savings

30% more Negligible light reduction of 1% per year

Unmatched lighting uniformity

10 year warranty

Fully managed and controlled from one lamp to tens of thousands of lamps

Embedded wireless communication & GPS

Light Cell Diverse Technology

Multi-layer light index matching

Embedded optics

Remote phosphor

Freedom of light guide geometry

Multidimensional spectrum control

Modular architecture (remote phosphor, LED chips, optics)

Lighting control, audio, sensors using (JNET 1)

5,000 – 20,000 lights per gateway

Gateway is connected to Ethernet, PC or cellular backhaul

Self-constructing/self-healing/self-improving stable network

Dynamic backhaul connection

Digital World, including Smart City & More, using (JNET 2)

50 – 200 lights, connected to aggregator using JNET 2 wireless network

100’s of aggregators(J-HUBs), connected to fiber backhaul using point-to-point wireless connection

Flexible BW allocation and dynamic backhaul connection

Local video analytics

JVIEW System

Wireless Connected Video Camera

Full HD 1080p video resolution

Wireless Connection Infrastructure

1 Firewall GW for best-in-class security

Up to 15 separate protected networks (SSID)

Internet connectivity offering to Chedraui customers

Video server and storage

High-end machine for video recording, playback and real-time analytics

Best-in-class CCTV SW platform

7 to 30 days video storage

Client PC

Strong pc for video real-time monitoring

4K screen TV for best multi video feeds display

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