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Smart City

Smart Pole

Utilizing controllable streetlights as a communication link and smart poles as a carrier to build a smart city management platform.

Maximizing the platform friendliness, compatibility and scalability, and utilizing reliable network to sense, collect and analyze key data that can help cities make efficient and smart respond to improve city management on infrastructure, public service and safety.

Smart Streetlight Controller

IPV6 addressing, opening standard, NEMA compliance, 868 MHZ, 915-928 MHz, 902-928 MHz/2.4 GHZ

Advanced encryption standard. Secure hash algorithm

Collect and forward streetlight information, including power, voltage, current, power factor, alarms, and metering etc.

Be connected and monitored by Street Light Vision Central Management Software

Laser PM 2.5 Sensor

Detection approach: Laser diffraction

Detection Range: 0.5 to 15 μm

Sampling interval: 200 m

Flow rate: 1 litre/m

Counting rate: 20,000 particular pollutant/s

Monitor PM 2.5, temperature, and humidity

12 V power supply, RS485 protocol.

RF Wi-Fi (AP)

Support dual band concurrent 802.11ac 2 : 2x2(5.8 GHz / 2.4 GHz)

WLAN RF capacity up to 1200 Mbps, high throughput and concurrent users

Ethernet port: 10/100/1000 Base-T 802.3, 802.3 u, 802.3ab 802.3at/af POE input

Can be managed individually, or provide wireless intrusion detection and endpoint GPS location services

Support various authentication methods. Encrypted data links

Crowd Camera

30 X optical zoom, 16 X digital zoom; Support H. 265 coding, Ultra-low streaming transmission

Horizontally rotate 360 degrees, horizontally rotate -20°~90°degrees, Continuous monitoring after rotating to 180 degrees, no blind spot.

Support facial detection; single view/multiple views/and full view setting; support target filtering and sensitivity setting

Open API; support standard protocols ( Onvif, CGI, GB / T28181) and 3rd party management platform

LED Panel for Advertisement

Max. brightness : ≥5500 cd/m²

Max. visible angle: 150°

Display color: 16.7 M

Video input: cable, USB

Avg. working hours : >5000 hours

LED lifetime : 100,000 hours

Continuous working hours: >72 hours


Public Service Platform

IP Rating:IP55


Visible angle:178° Hor/Ver

Max. power:330W

Temperature control

Android system

Touch screen and Internet browsing bring great convenience to find dining, shopping, and touring information etc.

SOS Button

GB/T 15279-94 Standard


Pulse dialing

M-B Ratio: 1.6 ± 0.2︰1.0

Pulse rate: 10 ± 1/s

Call transfer index: SLR≤12, RLR≤-1, STMR≥10

Output impedance: 600 Ω

Embedded SIM card

Preset SOS service line allows citizens to push the SOS button for emergency service. Allow real-time video call and send GPS location and SOS message to the Smart City Management Platform

Tree Tilting Detection

The tree tilting sensor is installed on trees. When the sensor detects tilt angle of more than 10 degrees (adjustable), it will trigger an alarm and send the alarm to the CMS through the GPRS network. This functionality can be used to protect valuable trees from being stolen or ill-intended relocation or safeguard against an accident.

Water level sensor

The water level sensor is installed beneath the sewer cover to monitor real-time water level. If water level is above threshold value, buoy liquid level switch will change, and the liquid level status can be collected through the MCU and send data back to the CMS.

Sewer Cover Sensor

The sewer cover sensor is installed under the cover. When the cover is tilted more than 10 degrees (adjustable), the sensor will trigger an alarm and send the alarm to the CMS through GPRS network. This feature can be used to monitor sewer cover locations and prevent objects and people from falling into the sewer.

Streetlight +EV Charger

EV charging stations can charge electric vehicles in just a few hours through a standardized connector plug, bringing great convenience for citizens who want to drive green. The charging station is designed to fit inside streetlight poles with a water-proof enclosure that makes it safe for outdoor installation.

The charging station can display charging mode, time, electricity consumption and cost, and support various payment platforms.

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